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What are Biometrics?

The statistical analysis of biological observations and phenomena.

Why Augment Existing Security?

A 2002 Computer Security Institute survey found that 90% of the 503 corporate respondents reported computer security breaches in the last 12 months (up from 85% in 2001).

How can I increase security using biometrics without having to invest in hardware?

bioChec Online!™ is a software only solutions that provide an additional security level using keystroke biometrics (your personal typing characteristics) when entering your userid and password.

How effective is the keystroke biometric?

In 1980, the National Bureau of Standards concluded that computer keystroke authentication was 98% accurate. The table below identifies some statistical ratings of False Acceptance Rates (FAR) and False Rejection Rates (FRR).
(Statistics Source)
False Acceptance Rate
False Rejection Rate
(lower is considered better)
("Technology" magazine, 2/3/1997)
~0.0% ~1.0% ~0.5%
Keystroke Dynamics
(BioPassword Technical Report)
~0.1% ~3.0% ~1.6%
Voice Recognition
(NYNEX S&T Technical Memorandum TM94-0060)
~1.6% ~8.1% ~4.9%

What happens if I set up a biometric password, then incur an injury that changes my typing characteristics?

This is no different than the scenario of losing (or forgetting) a password. You'll need to go through your system administrator and re-enroll.

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