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:: Application Development
Introduce seamless software-only keystroke biometrics into in-house applications using the bioChec™ Keystroke Biometrics SDK.

bioChec™ Keystroke-Biometric Engine
Award-winning Patented signature matching algorithm.
Adaptive-Template™ technology
User templates are constantly refined to their typing patterns over time.
Dynamic-Enrollment™ optimization
No need to have users explicitly enroll. Enrollment samples are taken from existing logins.
Multi-platform Server Engine
Currently offered for Win32, MacOSX, Linux, and SunOS
Multi-platform Client (GUI) Hooks
Currently supports Java™ v1.4+, Windows® API, MFC, X11, and Qt v4.x

Development Requirements:
Supported Compilers:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (Win32),
gcc 4.4.x (Linux/MacOSX),
Forte C++ 6.x (SunOS),

Supported Server Environments
J2EE v1.6.0+
PHP 5.3.2+

Supported Client Environments
Flash 9.0+

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